General Mastiff Info

The Mastiffs are one of the most ancient types of dog types there are. Closely related to the Molossus as it was known 5,000 years ago was used for war. Now the mastiffs are soft gentle giant dogs.

This massive breed usually outweighs most other dogs and can weigh in at 220 lbs or more. But the mastiff may look fierce and mean but in reality they are one of the most gentle dogs around. But that being said they are definitely family dogs and do not take well to strangers if it is a threat to the family.

They are referred to as Old English Mastiffs and this breed has changed quite a bit since the days of killing lions and other animals. Even with a past like this feel at comfort with your children with this animal and with that they are more of an inside dog than an outside one.

There are somethings that are not so “great” about this animal. One is they drool and they drool a lot and it tends to go everywhere especially when they shake there head. They are also a very gassy dog and that is why you need to pay special attention to there diet to make the smell not as bad. Since they are a large dog they the tend to have a short life.


Mastiff Care

As I said before the mastiff is more of an inside dog than an outside one. But that being said they do need daily exercise. Usually a couple of 20 to 30 min walk daily will do the job.

With puppy’s crate training is necessary. Which is easy with this bread and will help him or her control there bowel and bladder movements.

Mastiffs also love to chew on everything and anything. So make sure to have plenty of chew toys otherwise you might come home to a couch that has been eaten.

Mastiff Feeding

Usually the daily amount of food that is recommended is around 8 cups of dry dog food a day put into 2 meals so 4 cups for each meal.
With that make sure that when feeding your mastiff that you do not let him or her drink water with there meal since they are prone to bloat. A deadly situation where the stomach twist up on its self and a build up of gas prevents the dog from belching or vomiting. It is deadly and if you suspect your dog of having this contact your vet immediately.

Mastiff Care

Teeth care is mandatory with this type of dog at least two to three times a week. This will help with bad breath tartar buildup and gum disease.
Trimming the nail just like with all dogs is necessary. Once to twice a month is the suggested amount to make sure that your dog does not have painful tears along with other problems.
Finally the ears should be check weekly for bad odor which usually means that there is an infection. To prevent this make sure to clean out your mastiffs ears with an ear cleaner with that being said just clean the outer ear and not the inner.

With all of the information hopefully you will have a healthy dog that you can both enjoy each other for years to come.

If you have seen a Mastiff or any other dog being abused please reach out to pravatilegalnetworks to get a lawyer to put the people away that do these horrible acts.