Mastiff Types

Here are some of the type of Mastiffs out there.

Tibetan Mastiff
Spanish Mastiff
Japanese Mastiff
Neapolitan Mastiff
Perro de Presa Canario
South African Mastiff
Dutch Mastiff
Cao de Gado Transmontano
Alpine Mastiff (now extinct)
Cuban Mastiff (now extinct)
Mastiff or English Mastiff

There are many more and the list above is just a few.

Tibetan Mastiff – This dog originating from Tibet was used to protect sheep from bears and leopards in the past. A beautiful dog but sometimes a difficult dog to own. First of all they are a very independent dog and will not always obey your commands and is usually very stubborn. Another item to consider is that they do climb fences and also like to dig. They do ok in homes with children but not young ones and they do not do well in crowds.

Spanish Mastiff – Of course this dog comes from Spain. It was used in the past to protect livestock from wolfs. As the Tibetan Mastiff is not a crowd dog neither is this one. The Spanish Mastiff is a very intelligent and calm animal but also very protective of its master and family. Most of the time weighing in over 200 pounds.

Japanese Mastiff – Or known as the Tosa originated from Japan and is very rare. It was bread as a quiet fighting dog. It is a very loyal dog but being an owner you must always display leadership all of the time and to always be the leader of the pack. Do not let your Tosa get into fights with other dogs because it will win at all costs.

Neapolitan Mastiff – The fearless Neapolitan is an ancient dog. It also is wary of strangers but loyal and steady with a family. This is somewhat of a lazy type of dog and only needs to be walked a few times a day. Also they have a short life span from 7 to 9 years. The dog breed is know to have loose skin all over its body.

Perro de Presa Canario – This dog comes from the Canary Islands. Just like many of the other Mastiffs it was breed to work livestock. A great guard dog with a aggressive bark. Without a doubt this is a dog that needs interaction and obedience training. With this you must never let your dog walk infront of you in their daily walk. With any strangers as long as you except them they will also.

South African Mastiff – Known as the Boerboel was breed to protect working farms. This is a very calm and loyal dog but very territorial and cautious of strangers. These dogs usually have their tail cropped at birth. They will always refuse household access to anybody they do not know.

Dutch Mastiff – AKA the Pug. Coming from China these small dogs are known for being sociable and gentle dogs and are considered a toy. Often described as a lot of dog in a small space. These dogs are strong willed. They are very fond of children and are loud breathers.

Cao de Gado Transmontano – A dog from Portugal. Trained to protect livestock from wolves. They are considered a regional breed and can be considered a jealous and possessive dog. They do have a long memory and do not respond very well to discipline.

Alpine Mastiff – This dog is now extinct.

Cuban Mastiff – This dog is now extinct.

English Mastiff – These dogs are usually the biggest ones they can weight up to 220. Great temperament and docility. This dog is an indoor dog and most of the time thinks that it is a lap dog and prefers the comfort of home.